Alexey, Andrey, and Sergey have been working with real-time communication technologies since 2008. From the beginning, their goal has been to simplify communication services for end users and to build high-quality scalable solutions in response to customer needs.

The Voximplant team (as Zingaya, Inc.) became a part of the WebRTC working group in 2012 to collaborate with industry leaders on an emerging technology that is slated to completely change the world of real-time communications.

We believe that the right tools can help developers build amazing products and that developers should be able to focus on their product without having to deal with complex low-level technologies. That's why we decided to launch Voximplant.

Our team has spent a lot of time building one of the most flexible and scalable solutions on the market for building real-time communication services. Of course, there is always room for improvement. We would love to hear your feedback about Voximplant, both positive and negative, to make our product even better.

We would also love to hear about what you've built with Voximplant, so feel free to send us info about your applications and services. If you have any questions, we, along with our growing developer community, would be happy to help.

Our Story

13M calls/month
More than 115 million successful calls were processed by Voximplant in 2016.
High Quality Speech Recognition
High quality speech recogintion is available for 80 languages. Both real-time recognition and call record transcription are available for developers.
New WebSDK with ORTC support
New version of WebSDK with ORTC support enables Voximplant functionality in Microsoft's Edge browser.
HD Audio Support
HD audio conferencing and recording is available to Voximplant developers
Video Recording
Voximplant developers can record video that comes from Web and Mobile SDK or from SIP endpoints. Video stored in form of mp4 or webm files and available for download via API
5M calls/month
Thousands of businesses use services powered by Voximplant
5000 developers
More than 5000 developers build RTC apps and sevices using Voximplant
Mobile SDK
New mobile SDK for iOS and Android with video and p2p calls support released
2M calls/month
More than 2 million calls/month processed by Voximplant
500K calls/month
More than 500K calls/month processed by Voximplant
1500 developers
1500 developers signed up
Bitrix24 chose Voximplant for web calling
Bitrix24 used Voximplant platform to integrate IP-telephony into their social intranet for small businesses.
Voximplant Team at WebRTC Expo 2013
Voximplant Team showed new powerful features including Call Control Debugger on stage at WebRTC Expo 2013. You can see Voximplant in action in the video
First 100 developers
First 100 developers signed up during the first weekend after the launch and started building first apps and integrations.
Voximplant launched
Voximplant was launched on September 18th at Telecom Council conference in Sunnyvale, CA.

Our Investors

We have received our first round of funding from Angel investors in the end of 2011.

Our Advisors

We are happy to have such a great team of Advisors helping our team.