Interface VideoSettings

WebRTC Video Settings (aka Constraints)



Optional aspectRatio

aspectRatio: number | any

The exact aspect ratio (width in pixels divided by height in pixels, represented as a double rounded to the tenth decimal place) or aspect ratio range

Optional deviceId

deviceId: string

The origin-unique identifier for the source of the MediaStreamTrack

Optional facingMode

facingMode: string | any

This string (or each string, when a list) should be one of the members of VideoFacingModeEnum

Optional frameRate

frameRate: number | any

The exact frame rate (frames per second) or frame rate range

Optional groupId

groupId: string

The origin-unique group identifier for the source of the MediaStreamTrack. Two devices have the same group identifier if they belong to the same physical device

Optional height

height: number | any

The height or height range, in pixels

Optional mandatory

mandatory: Object

Mandatory constraints object

Optional optional

optional: Object

Optional constraints object

Optional width

width: number | any

The width or width range, in pixels