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  • Mobile SDK
    available for iOS and Android
    Native iOS and Android SDKs let you power up your mobile apps with rich communications. Make and receive voice and video calls using cellular data or WiFi connection. Voximplant Mobile SDK is the right choice for the kind of fast and efficient development that's essential for the rapidly-paced and growing market.
  • Telephony Integration
    calls to/from phone numbers and SIP
    You can make calls to landlines, mobile phones or to SIP endpoints with Voximplant. You can also receive calls by using phone numbers provided by Voximplant or receive calls from SIP endpoints.
  • Web SDK
    with full WebRTC support
    Embed voice and video communication into your web applications using Voximplant Web SDK. Make and receive voice and video calls in any browser with a data connection. Voximplant Web SDK supports WebRTC to offer the best voice and video quality. Browsers that do not support WebRTC will use Flash.
Vox Implant
HTTP API Javascript
App Engine
  • JSON API: We offer convenient API access via HTTP for provisioning and remote call control. The call control API and the Javascript App Engine work together to let you build scenarios with enterprise-level complexity if desired.
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  • Write, debug and deploy your call control scripts in real time. We are proud of this Voximplant Cloud feature and hope you will be just as impressed when you begin using it.
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    • Audio Playback
    • Audio & Video Recording
    • Video Calls
    • Speech-To-Text
    • Mobile and
      Web SDKs
    • Javascript Call Control Modeling
    • Text-to-Speech
    • Call Control Debugger
    • Usage Statistics
    • Conferencing
    • HTTP API
    • Instant Messaging
    • On-Demand Phone Numbers
    • Automatic Call Distribution
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